- Registration of the technical cooperation with Daewoo Heavy Industries&Machinery Lnc.

- Registration of the technical cooperation with Hanhwa Machinery

- PDP Robot Automation System Line

2 0 0 4

2 0 0 3

2 0 0 5

-A new factory construction and    construction of a corporation of Moderntec In.

-Certificated Venture Business Construction of Automation

-System Business

2 0 0 6

-Development of renewable energy system

    -> heat pump

-Development of electric car rapid charging system

-Certificated Paris Supply Enterprise

-Acquire INNOBIZ

-2 patents for Electric Vehicle Charger

-'Good Employer in Changwon City' Award


-'Excelent Enterprise' Award

-Development of EV Charger business

-Supply machine system for 

  machine tool automation

-Certificated ISO9001:2000

-ERP Excellent Company(SMBA)

-Certified all item of the Quality Certificate

(Single PPM)

2 0 0 9

2 0 1 3

2 0 0 7

2 0 0 8

-Acquired New Excellent Technology(NET)certification

-IEVE 2016, Dae-gu, Busan exhibition

-Moderntec mini exhibition

-The MOU Chargers related(2 Domestic)

-'Good Employer in Changwon City' Award

-'Excellent Enterprise' Award

-Apply for a Design Patent

-GM engine mission US, Mexico factory automation line

-Hanhwa Q-CELLS Power automation line

-Chargers development related patent 4 cases

-Automation related patent 4 cases

-The MOU Chargers related(1 Overseas)

-Slow Charger obtaining certification

   (Stand Type / Wall Type)

-IEVE 2015, Seoul exhibition

-Simultaneous rapid charging stations for

   public transport development

-EV vehicle charger interoperability construction

  project participation

-Rapid Charging interface, and power distribution

  system development

-'Good Employer in Changwon City' Award


-Hanhwa Q-CELLS Power Automations Line

-China 2 Factory of Hyundai Powertec

2 0 1 4

2 0 1 5

2 0 1 6

-GNTEL business agreement

-Selected as charger supplier of Ministry of Environment

-IEVE 2017 exhibition

-Registered as a partner of Hanjin Heavy Industries&Construction

-Awarded 'Grand Prize of New Korean Businessman of the Year'

-Master/Slave Sequential charging system

-Jeju KEPCO E&C branch agreement(model installation and operation)

-Rapid charger 2Port/3Port Simultaneous charging KC Certification

-Large capacity 200kW(AC100kW+DCkW) Simultaneous charging system(model installation of Jeju Island)

2 0 1 7

-‘'2018 Korea Best parliamentary government

  & Industry of Open the Future Grand Prize’

-MOU with Korea Advanced Institute of Science

   and Technology and Korea Electric Power Corp

- IEVE2018 exhibition

- Demonstration of charging station for electric bus

    and electric passenger car over the 300kW

2 0 1 8

Supply electric bus charging system which can be sequential / simultaneous charging

2 0 1 9

창원시 의창구 소계로 12, 그린동 4층 (팔용동, 창원테크노밸리)

TEL : 055.604.1860   FAX : 055.604.1867   E-Mail : moderntec04@daum.net

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