You can see the efforts and steps that Moderntec has made over years by year.



  • Signed MOU for the development of new products such as electric ships, unmanned robots, and unmanned drone chargers (overseas)
  • Exhibited "Unmanned Charging System" at CES2020



  • Designed chargers customized for the transportation vulnerable and developed prototype → Patent applied
  • Developed and delivered 1:N dispenser type sequential charging system for electric bus charging
  • Developed unmanned robot EV charging system and applied the patent
  • Participated in the development project of DC metering technology to apply DC rate system to users of electric vehicle chargers
  • Signed an MOU for the development of overseas chargers with KAIST + Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • Built and completed the "world's first intelligent EV charging station" at the Jeju Regional Headquarters of KEPCO


  • Acquired KC certification for the construction project of quick (simultaneous) chargers for electric vehicles and simultaneous charging type from Gyeonggi-do Provincial Government
  • Developed the sequential charging system of Power Bank & Dispenser type
  • Selected as the implementer of the "Apartment-type charging station construction project" by KEPCO and carried out the project

2015 ~2016

  • Acquired certification for new technology (NET) related to simultaneous charging of electric vehicles (Korea Industrial Technology Association, KOITA)
  • Registered three patents related to chargers and signed MOUs (2 for domestic, 1 for overseas)
  • Developed simultaneous charging system and power distribution system for electric vehicles
  • Acquired KC certifications for destination chargers and quick chargers for electric vehicles
  • Started the development project of a dispenser-type simultaneous charging station that can charge public transportation

2010 ~2014

  • Signed MOUs related to EV chargers and registered 2 domestic patents and 4 overseas patents related to chargers
  • Acquired Inno-Biz and developed destination/quick charging system for electric vehicles
  • Developed Heat Pump Recycling Energy System
  • Selected as the Top Company in Best Company to Work With in Our Community


2006 ~ 2009

  • Certified as a part and material company
  • Selected as a good company of ERP (by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups) and acquired quality certificates for all products (single PPM)
  • Acquired ISO9001:2000
  • Built a new factory, converted to a corporate and certified as a startup (by MSS)

2003 ~ 2006

  • Equipped PDP Robot Automation Line and registered Hanwha Corporation/Machinery as a partner
  • Established Moderntec and registered Daewoo Machinery as a partner